Christmas 2021

V - Vegetarian        VGN - Vegan        G/F - Gluten Free

Christmas Decorations
Red Christmas Wreath

Condiments & Ingredients

As demand during the Christmas period is very high we strongly advise all customers to place orders with as much notice as possible to avoid shortages. If you would like to discuss lead times on Christmas lines please call the telesales team on 01933 222875 or send us an email to

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Cranberry Sauce 2.5kg V VGN G/F

(CON029) - Specification coming soon...


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Apple Sauce 2.5kg V VGN G/F

(CON012) - Specification coming soon...

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Redcurrant Jelly 3kg V VGN G/F

(CON057) - Specification coming soon...


Currently out of stock

Mincemeat 3kg V VGN G/F
(FP23A) - Specification coming soon...

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Pepper Sauce 75g x 24 G/F                                        (CON075A) - Click for specification


Caramilised Onion Chutney 2.5kg V G/F                  (ZCON01) - Click for specification

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Branston Pickle 2.5kg V VGN 

(CON009) - Specification coming soon...

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Green Pesto 950g                                        (CON008) - Specification coming soon...

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Brandy Sauce 1 Litre G/F                              (CON070) - Click for specification